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:00.wing our news at that happens on tuesday, january . prince george's county baker has made a friendly bet with his t in washington. coffeebeen called the that. if the redskins win on sunday, will send baker a basket containing seattle's and starbucks coffee. if the seahawks win, baker will our coffee toof washington state. that coffee made in landover. a pet goat ise, ack home tonight after having adventure. man wasurgh area earlier in the , when he was bumped by the goat from behind. , namedook the goat in -- name him milton, and tried to find his owner. the owner came forward today. if he had not, he had [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked ead. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeÑos or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect past
spent the night in bangkok. now we go to mike baker for a pre game report. diligence, because our government is not allowed to torture anymore. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thank you, andy, and happy new year to you and your family. >> thank you. >> coming up on tonight's show, a story that pits the media's god given right to engage in stupid behavior of americans to legally own weapons. and why a french government minister with a hard to pronounce names is up in arms over hate speech. we will take turns butchering her name and then talk pretentiously about god's existence. and what did john boehner say to harry reid when the two met in the capitol building after the fiscal cliff deal? regardless senator reid is probably too old and inflexible to comply. all that and more next. >> happy new year to you as well. let's welcome our guest. i am here with fox business network anchor lori roth man. >> that's it? >> that's all you get. >> okay, fine. >> comedian, joe devito. that's all he gets too. bill schulz, sorry. and sitting next to me is rob long, former "cheers" screenw
, and turn left again, and into the panhandle at baker. the reason i would propose that is you can see is visually obvious. this is at rush hour, looking down hayes street a block over, actually two blocks away traffic moving in that direction inundates the street at this hour. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener has a question for you. >> supervisor wiener: welcome. so one of the things i think i sometimes struggle with in these appeals and i'm sort of seeing it here, is -- and this is an appeal under ceqa, it's not an appeal on the merits of the project. and so i think there are times when appeals -- ceqa appeals come before us, and you sometimes arguments about the merits of the project get mixed in, and that may be because that's the only way for the item to come to us. and whether -- agree or disagree with it but in 1999 the voters gave the policy authority over these kinds of issues to the mta board of directors and took that authority away from the board of supervisors. so i'm hearing, both in the written submissions and also in what you're saying today, rernss references to wh
it over to david baker who will talk about 801 brannan, thank you. >> president fong, commissioners, members of the public, thank you very much for having us here today. can we move to the screen, please. >> and could you also state your name? >> my name is paula krugmyer. we have a collaboration on this project with john warden, our associates and also miller company landscape architects. with regard to the project data, i think you've all seen this, i think the point here on this slide is that the open space that we're providing is nearly double that of -- of what is required in the eastern neighborhoods plan. with regard to the location, the context is largely very large buildings and i think the main point here in the interest of time is that we are providing housing in -- that is in very close proximity now to jobs and this is something that we couldn't necessarily have said 10 years ago but it's an important aspect of the development as a residential and mixed use development today. in addition, there are residential, other residential developments around -- in the immediate v
cia operative mike baker filling in for greg gutfeld. don't fret. greg will be back late they are week, i promise. tv's andy levy has been struck by the flu bug. we don't know when he will be back. filling in for andy is the daily beast cultural news editor michael moynihan. dupreist fer mike or -- do you prefer mike or michael? >> mike is fine. >> i like mike. >> mike, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, mike. did a newspaper gun owner map lead to a theft. mike baker who lives at 521 west 85th street and unarmed tbifs banter. and a new poll shows 12% of pakistanis have a positive view of the united states. experts suggest that in the future we fire troans full of local -- drones full of local -- lollipops and gummy bears. and last the right wing facist is here for her comments. >> thank you very much, mike. two flaws in the opening tease there. no one will ever believe i will be unarmed, and no one will ever believe i will buy a place in the mid80s on the west side. >> i will fact check. >> let's welcome our guests. i am here with gerri willis. she anchors the willis repor
a child? it is going to be a criminal. >> i see it. now i get it. it took awhile, baker, for me to get there. >> it took awhile for him to get there. >> by the way i have to ask does it bother you that baker is sitting like this to you? i was noticing the body lapping wedge. the body lapping wedge. language. >> bake, what do you make of this? do you think development depends on economic stability at home? >> it is a statement of the obvious, basically, and much like many other scientific studies, but sure the times are high and unemployment and the parents are stressed out. the kids are not getting the attention he needs or getting the wrong kind of attention during periods like this. and i think they went from saying that in this group of a thousand test subjects 20 normally would smoke pot when times are bad 25 smoke pot. who gives a rat's ass? >> it is 6% in some cases. >> over a million. it could be many. remi you are smiling. this is great news. more of these kids will turn to crime and possibly murder. meaning more clients for you to get off to pay for your yacht and to pay for y
is the president. you want to been effective secretary of state? henry kissinger, james baker, you have to persuade your president to let you own a big issue, and that just carry out your policy -- you'll re carrying out the president's policy but you as secretary of state help shape the substance of that policy and that remains to be seen. >> he'll attempt to fill big shoes, and you wondering what the differences will be between nat secretary of state and the current one? >> again, that is going to be driven in large part, i think, by whether or not there are opportunities to pursue, whether or not american diplomacy, the application of military power can be used wisely, effectively, toward objectives that aren't achievable, and whether or not he can separate the president from fundamentally controlling the policy. look, i worked for jim baker, and baker had a very close relationship with bush 41. baker was carrying out bush's policy, but baker helped shape that policy himself. and that, i think, is the key. will the state department again be relevant to actually implementing the strategy of our f
pro-growth. let's talk. we bring on dean baker, senate for economic and policy research, and president of american commitment and author of "democracy denied." dean baker, the gig is up. the cuts are coming, and i say i unlike the stimulus package, these budget cuts will work to help the economy. >> well, i'll take issue with that, but first, larry, i want to rub this in a little bit. you talked about the capital goods orders. looked like the fiscal cliff didn't have anyone too upset. we had good retail sales numbers. i guess they weren't worried like you were about the fiscal cliff. >> well, no, because the republicans saved us all by not only putting the votes in to stop that tax cut, they got a higher threshold. the thing wasn't near as bad as anybody thought. that's why -- >> this is december. in december -- >> i'm going to hoist you on your own petard. >> this was in december, they didn't know that, larry. >> they knew that. they had great foresight. >> okay. but let's get to the cuts here. >> all right. >> i'm still a little lost here. we have a collapse of the economy, collapse
place square, what is the most predominant thing. in regards to mr. baker's design, at 801 brannan, i am a little concerned with some of the areas that face the street are quite well done, i will not call it a flat iron, it is more like a flat wood or paneling, but it has the same effect because it is rounded on the corner and that is a nice treatment there. i like your pleated section, those are nicely done and the balcony are in set in the unit as opposed to what is shown on pages, a1, 14, a115 and a3.2, the brannan commercial and market news they have the stark white siding and i am not sure what attorney it is and a lot of appendages sticking out of them and i don't like that part of the design and i would ask the staff to continue to work with mr. baker to try to make that a little bit richer. if you open your things to 1 a 1.15, you can really see what this look like and they detract from the building a lot. even though some of the lower spaces have the wood. either a little bit more wood or wood simulation or masonry will make it a lot richer. on th
breaks out, jason baker and richard lawler are stabbed. ray lewis and two friends are charged with murder. what happened next is a mesmerizing saga, and the truth is as elusive as ever. >> i have not been back since. >> reporter: this is the first time that reggie oakly talked about it since that night. he wrote a book, he was eager to sell it. >> it was self defense. >> reporter: oakley says they were leaving the club and there was a fight. there was a champagne bottle broken over oakley's head. >> i had no idea anybody got stabbed. >> so you didn't stab him? >> i didn't stab him. >> so how did he end up with the stab wounds? >> you have to read the book to find out. >> reporter: after the fight, lewis and his friends sped off in this limo. i was never clear how two end up in the fight with the other guys and two end up dead, right? nobody is ever convicted. and how they ended up with stab wounds? >> if you end up with stab wounds, what does that mean? somebody stabbed you. >> reporter: right, you were saying you were not the one that stabbed him. >> correct. >> reporter: so who could ha
, yas son baker and richard luller are stabbed to death. ray lewis and two friends are charged with murder. what unfolded next is a mesmerizing saga and the truth is as elusive as ever, as you're about to see. >> i haven't been back to this area since that incident happened. >> reporter: this is the first time rej nald has talked on camera about that night. oakley has written a book which he is eager to sell. he says he was leaving the club with lewis when the two victims started arguing with their group. jason baker broke a champagne bottle over oakley's head and then it was mayhem. >> i had no idea that nobody had gotten stabbed or nothing like that. >> reporter: so you didn't stab him in. >> no, i didn't stab him. >> reporter: so how did the guy end up with stab wounds? >> you'll have to read the book to find out. >> reporter: they piled into a limo and sped off. >> i was never really clear how two guys end up in a fight with two other guys and two of them end up dead. right? no one's ever convicted. and how they ended up with stab wounds. >> what does that mean? somebody st
the 2000 super bowl. a fight breaks out, and when the dust settles, jason baker and richard lawler are stabbed to death and left in the street. ray lewis and two friends are charged with murder. what unfolded next is a mesmerizing saga, and the truth is as elusive as ever as you're about to see. >> i have not been back to this area since that incident happened. >> reporter: this is the first time that reggie oakly talked about it since that night. oakley has written a book which he is eager to sell. >> from my point of view, it was self-defense. >> reporter: oakley says they were leaving the club when the group started to fight. there was a champagne bottle broken over oakley's head. then there was mayhem. >> i had no idea anybody got stabbed. >> so you didn't stab him? >> no i didn't stab him. >> so how did he end up with the stab wounds if you're the one fighting him? >> you have to read the book to find out. >> reporter: after the fight, lewis and his entourage piled in his limo and sped off. i was never clear about how two guys end up with a fight with two other guys two of the
of flag by bakers flagged by bakers of citigroup. citigroup team up with the idea. anthey told them he bought some stock. then he tells warren buffett i early 2011 that you might want to look at this company. neil: never telling h him that e owned shars? >> he did tell him, but h didn't say that he bought it recently. warren buffett said i thought he had owned it for a long time. it doesn't look good when you buy something in a couple of weeks later the company gets bought by the guy. >> there could be a variety of reasons, but they drop going further on this. why is that? >> they have not commented officially, but there are a number of reasons. maybe they felt they couldn't prove anything. but they ierviewed a lot of people. i've spoken to people who they interviewed and david sokol ÷poke to fox business and i spoke to him and he said, go back to my childhood and take whatever you want. they basically couldn't charge him to move forward with a formal investigation. they did look into it more than a year and half now. but the factis that they dropped it and he is telling fox business,
on baker which -- between fell and oak. many motorists basically, and pedestrians, turn north on masonic from fell and oak. many who are proceeding southbound on masonic turn left on oak. so the masonic project will have environmental impact on the same neighborhood which will be compounded by this particular project. because of that there's no categorical exemption. >> supervisor wiener: do you think that if the masonic project didn't exist, would this project be categorically exempt? >> the answer is no, it would not. it would still not be categorically exempt because the two exemptions they rely on really don't apply. one is existing facilities, which is minor alteration of existing facilities involving negative liberal or no -- use. and one of the examples is cited of an existing facility can be a bicycle trail. well there is no bike lane existing on oak so the exemption doesn't even arguably apply to oak. there are no buffer strips on either street nor are there raised plantares. so it wouldn't apply to that piece of it. and i guess getting out to the idea of raised plantares this i
. bobby baker is his man who counted votes with him. baker said i learned never to let him fail on the own. never. c-span: in your acknowledgment, you say two people who have not talked to you one bobby baker and the other bill moyers. why not how hard have you worked to get them to talk to you? >> guest: bobby i made repeated efforts to get him to talk to me. doesn't think much of my books. as for mr. moyers, he does say compliment i are things about my books. he said great things about my books. but he simply said he doesn't want to talk to me far long time it was said he was going to his own book on lynn don johnson who is perfectly understandable. i don't think he said it for many years. he simply, you have ask to ask him why he hasn't talked to me. c-span: what have you missed because the two men -- there's a lot of people what have you missed from bobby baker or bill moyers? >> guest: you miss a lot from both of them. you can remedy like of course bobby baker went to jail. he had a trial. a long trial. he's written a very revealing memoir, and there's so much testimony about him at t
will talk about josephine baker later because i don't want to -- >> you don't have to cover the waterfront. >> let me say one thing about josephine baker. a dense as well as virginia woolf and that i am as impressive and intellectual as josephine baker. but they are both very meaningful to me commando think you can probably immediately see why a very funny dancer is to somebody who it is me. can you dislike me and said? >> when i was 12 years old i started to read the latter fee of peter the great because i was absolutely power mad as a child and wanted to be a general. the military academy which absolutely hated and immediately quit. that was the end of my power madness. anyway, i got a chance for a biography, but i could see how hard it was to write. years went by, and my favorite editor, bill white it, who is related to the white heads of key west, anyway, he asked me if i would -- if i knew anyone who could write a biography about ginnie. i said, well, you mean to say there isn't a put it? oh, i'll do it. and i thought it would take like three years to do. it took seven. i think a lot
-old brian baker were on the island of kauai. they went climbing on a rocky coastal area when a wave pulled baker out to sea. griffith jumped in to help and they both drowned. crews did recover griffith's body on saturday morning. they are still searching for baker's body. >>> new conflict to report tonight involving the leadership of the california national guard and its largest union. it follows a series of critical investigations by our investigative unit and with knbc our sister station in los angeles into the culture behind the gates of the california national guard. our chief investigative report er tony kovaleski joins us. >> reporter: what he described as a lack of action by general david baldwin. we conducteded on and off camera interviews with two dozen members of the guard. the issue is the guard's failure to handle complaints involving sexual harassment, racism, and retaliation. last february the guard's largest union supported the appointment of general david baldwin. now less than a year later, the union's decision maker and business manager says general baldwin has failed to
before we liberated let's say, baker county [laughing] but to have this happen, to have a blogger, you're only trying to do the best that you can for everyone and to have someone take your words, to use the, the equipment that they have today to, to cut and splice, to make your message appear to be the exact opposite of what it was and what it is, is just an unbelievable situation and it is a way to terrorize someone because you don't know that you will ever really be able to get the truth out, but i was determined. even if i had to tell one person at a time, you know. >> so then it makes me think, there is this whole media kind of energy around this book but the last time there was this kind of media energy was that, july 2010 when it went down. >> yes. >> people were going back to those places who interviewed you, who were making accusations calling you a reverse racist. the speed which that happened, how does it feel being back in the space now that you do have the whole story? >> it feels good to know that, first of all, that i was able to use that same media in a sense to be able
-- his body was not found and they shut down the area and they will continue to look for baker today. >>> they are holding the maverick serving contest off. the best surfers will be here and this year's viewing is limited behind the oceanic hotel and spa which surprised people at first. >> it has worked out well. >> some spectators say it was better than trying to catch a glimpse went beaning collars. this year's fan favorite has more, just go to and click on the tab for mavericks. >>> and san jose sharks have locked it out with a win. the marlins scored two goals over the calgary flames yesterday. they go to edmonton and they host them at the hp pavilion. >>> there has been another mass shooting this one is in new mexico. >>> plus bad news for sacramento kings fans, it puts the team one step closer to moving to seattle. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we are learning more about the 15-year- old boy accused of murdering his parents and three of his siblings in his albuquerque kirk home. nehemiah griego has not released a motive but he frequently dr
the medal of honor on vernon baker, whose medal of honor citation explains his acts of extraordinary heroism and daring leadership in an attack on a fortified gothic italian castle in world war ii. by the end of the war, that was considered to be one of the last lines of defense for the nazis. the nazis surrendered in may 1945. the acts for which vernon baker got the medal of honor took place in april of 1945. so this happened right at the end of the war. this was last stand territory, april 1945, the month before the war ended. april 1945. but it was not until 52 years after that, it was not until 1997, 52 years after he showed that heroism that vernon baker actually received his medal. over 400 medals of honor were awarded for heroism shown by u.s. troops fighting in world war ii, but not a single one of them went at the time to a black soldier. it was not until the mid-'90s that the army commissioned a study to see if, really, no black soldiers deserved a medal of honor for that war? or to look into whether maybe the fact that they served in segregated units meant that they were just not
baker. he's a promising american tennis player we first met back in august. baker came back from a six-year injury layoff last summer and made it to the fourth round at wimbledon. as jeff glor reports, baker was playing in the australian open earlier today when bad fortune struck again. >> reporter: leading in his second round match at the australian open, baker was trying to make his first mark in the first tennis major of 2013. on a routine backhand he pulled up lame and had to be taken away in a wheelchair. his opponent could hardly believe it. >> he's the last guy i want that to happen to. >>> the last guy because baker's career was just getting back on track against extraordinary odds. a decade ago he was the number two ranked junior tennis player in the world. in 2005 he beat a young novak djokovic followed by a stunning upset of the world's ninth ranked player at the u.s. open. in august, however, he told us how that match almost became his last. >> i knew something was going on and it was the start of the downward spiral. >> reporter: baker needed hip sur
safety regulations to put back online. the last time, december 2005. wesley baker. he spent 13 years on death row for killing a grandmother during a robbery. five men now make of death row. most of them for crimes decades old. what he predicted in an interview with us has turned out to be true, at least so far. >> i doubt very seriously if i will ever be put to death. >> with the legislature likely to consider taking it off the books, it remains an issue that provokes debate. we ask if it was time to repeal on facebook? amanda root i think the death penalty is far too lax. wayne wrote, human justice is flawed. time the state got out of the business deciding someone -- when someone deserves to live or die. the legislature had already raised the bar and the death penalty, requiring new rules of evidence. since 2009 and hundreds of murders of maryland each year, prosecutors who sought the death penalty just six times. two cases have yet to go to trial. and in two others, jurors opted for life sentences instead. >> five men have been executed in maryland since the supreme court reinstate
freezing cold. -- dawn freezing cold. >> a famous baltimore baker will be part of the inauguration. they had been given the honor of creating a spectacular take -- cake for the commander in chief's ball. >> it is specifically for unlisted numbers of the military. it honors their service and sacrifice for our country. it is one of the events that the president gets most excited about. >> some service members will be given the opportunity to take a spin on the dance floor with the president and first lady. we will have more on the ball tonight at 11:00. >> another historic celebration in baltimore. >> we will take you to the oldest african-american catholic church in america. >> the storm track has been to the north. the coldest air has been there. we will see what happens. big changes are on the way. the forecast is ahead. temperatures dropped today. 47 at the airport. >> it was a sunday morning of celebration for one baltimore church. it marked its 150th anniversary. it is the oldest african- american catholic church in america. the archbishop was on hand to take part in the celebr
the whole time i'm baking. [ laughter ] >> i'm not a baker. i like to cook. i'm not a baker. >> do you cook too? >> i cook and a bake. it's weird. >> joy: see these are the beautiful things that we learn about you. it is always a surprise that show. it's lovely to see you again. and we had to separate you two from the other two -- >> i don't know why. >> joy: because there will be blood and it can't be on my show. you can catch "mob wives" sunday at 8:00 on vh1. thank to all of my guests. we'll see you tomorrow. [♪ theme music ♪] >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," of all of the words spoken in support of gun safety over the last few weeks, these four may pro forma to be the most important: now is the time. >> as americans we are endowed by our creator with certain inalenable rights that no man or government can take away from us, but we have also long recognized as our founders recognized that with rights come responsibilities. >> jennifer: a call for an assault weapons ban, call for limits on magazine rounds and dozen of other measures.
was equally involved, and he was asked along with baker if who was one in the movement, howard and ella baker were the senior advisers to sncc. >> host could you set in the book that he wasn't much of a joyner and that he likes to be a part of the movements but he wasn't an organizer so much as he was an inspiration to a lot of people. what were some of the skills that you think that he brought crux was it the public speaking, his personal relationships. >> i think all of that. what he meant when he said he wasn't a joyner wasn't that he wasn't willing to give any amount of time necessary to something that he believed. what he meant is that he had no patience for the administrative work, and the sort of nuts and bolts of building an organization. he wanted to discuss the big issues. and what his archives to contain or a significant amount of handwritten notes that he took during some of the most significant meetings of sncc. for example, the meeting that it debated whether or not sncc should continue to allow whites to volunteer for the organization. there was a very heated debate, and eventu
gangster by driving that truck. [laughter] >> well, you know, in baker county, read about some of the shares of earlier years. the gator actually rules everything and everyone in the county. you can't imagine looking at the restrooms were earlier days, my great grandparents came to baker county. i don't know if they came in waves or not, but they ended up as sharecroppers with the intent on buying land. and that they did. they brought enough gumption and bought some land and the hawthorns lived in one area. the williams in another. we were all one big family. and so we had to help each other. so my father, there were five girls, any farmer once assigned. i guess any man. my mother kept having babies, and they were all girls. we all had nicknames. [laughter] >> that is hilarious. you know, situation we were in, we felt safe and comfortable there. and i feel like my father wanted us to have an education. he knew that education was the key to a better life. he did think i believe that all of us would come back home and work from there. i grew up with lots of family and community s
out to a remote area, and a road wave swept baker out to see and griffith jumped in, but no one survived. officials were able to refreeftrieve griffith's body but they are searching for baker still. >> they had a jet ski and the waters were too choppy. today i am told the conditions are about the same, very rough surf again, but they are hoping with the helicopter they will be able to spot something. >> reporter: authorities have closed all the north shore beaches and we are told the friend are still in hawaii. >>> president obama was sworn in for his second term during a private event but hundreds of thousands are prepared to watch the public version in washington. and ken smith found plenty of people prom the bay area. >> reporter: it has has happened before when a president being signed in on sunday and the event taking place on monday. 1.8 million people last time were there in washington to see, this time the crowd sizes will be much smaller. [jazz music] >> reporter: a growing excitement in the area and you can see it in the faces of people. >> i will be crying just like i
in rough surf this weekend. crews say 46-year-old adam griffith and 49-year-old adam baker drowned. they went climbing on a rocky coastal area when a wave pulled one of the men out to sea. the other reportedly jumped in to try to save him. and they both drowned. crews recovered griffith's body this morning. they're still searching for baker's body. >>> health care leaders have been urging everyone to get a flu shot for months. but it turns out in california, only about 60% of health care workers have been vaccinated. that's according to the california department of public health. some of the industries think the shot should be required, while others point out there are some good reasons not to get vaccinated. >> some people are allergic to eggs. you can't take it if you're allergic to eggs. some people have different religious beliefs. some people think that they're going to get the flu either way, or it's going to lower their immunity so they will get some kind of flu. but i think it's really important. >> this year the effectiveness of the flu shot is estimated at about 60%. >>>
of adam griffiths and brian baker. >> the island mourns with them. this is really a tragic event. >> reporter: the group were part of five men vacations in kauai. the men decided to surf in the north shore. >> that time another friend who was with him adam griffiths jumped in to try to help him and he was overcome by the waves as well. so they both drowned. >> reporter: officials were able to retrieve the body of griffiths but the high swells made it difficult to search for baker. the search continues today. >>> the last minute legal move that has protesters up in arms. >> another very nice day across the entire bay area. coming up at 10:37, i'll let you know the the warm weather pattern lingers into your monday. and when shower chances could return into your forecast. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an
area with heavy surf. that is when his friend brian baker was swept out to sea. >> at that point adam, another friend who was with him tried to save him and he was overcome by the waves as well, so they both drowned. >> adam's body was found and they have been forced to shut down beaches in the area and searchers will continue to look for baker today. >>> san jose sharks locked out the season with a win. they won over the calgary team and the sharks home opener will open when they host the coyotes at the hp pavilion. >>> nobody knew which teams 0 would be at super bowl and that has male a lot of pushes for the areas and they all have high hopes for a big economic boost from super bowl week. >> everybody in the city is coming to this place and at least hangs out for a while and buys one appetizer. >> they are expected to attract 15 to thousand people in new orleans and not all of them will have tickets so a lot of them will be there to cheer on their team from the bars and the restaurants of new orleans. >>> now the super bowl in case you i don't know, sunday february 3rd, kickoff is a
to save his friend, brian baker are who was swept into the ocean. the search for baker resumed today. >> police are investigating a deadly early morning shooting that devastated a family this, happened just after midnight. a 43-year-old was shot to death. his police say the shooter ran away. >> take a look at this disturbing surveillance video as an armed robber tries to hold up a cell phone ask check cashing store. employees were behind bulletproof glass. the robber fired a shot. police are looking for any information that could lead them to this man. >> san francisco firefighters say an overloaded circuit appears to have caused a fire in a crowded apartment in a man described as a collector. crews contained the flames to the second floor apartment. he was treated for smoke inhalation. >> the person was a collector. a lot of equipment was in there. but... looks like accidental cause. >> the owner says he lived in that apartment for are decades, even before they bought that building. >> repair work begins on the bay bridge tower bumper damaged two weeks ago. sky 7 hd was over the are
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